Are you the victim of an accident or fender bender? Do you have a nasty crack in your windshield, and you’re not sure who to trust? Then Lallier Honda Hull is here for you and all of your body work! Our expert team of technicians can and will restore your vehicle to its original state. Our state-of-the-art facilities are all fully equipped with high-tech gear to always offer top-quality service, and we meet all work health and safety standards!

At Lallier Honda Hull, we offer all our customers a body repair service. Our service takes care of everything to restore your vehicle to its brand new appearance. We are also a body shop under the CarrXpert banner.

Why should you choose our CarrXpert technicians? Simple. We understand that nobody is safe from an accident, so we make every effort to provide you with the best possible post-accident service. From the moment we receive your call, we take the initiative to take care of all of your needs so that you don’t have to deal with any other headaches after the mishap. We, at Lallier Honda Hull and our CarrXpert centre, offer complete peace of mind. We are also linked to insurance companies in order to easily offer you quick and easy claims!

There are plenty of great reasons to visit our body shop when your vehicle is in need of repairs after an accident. We offer a personalized and courteous service that is tailored to your exact needs. We understand that this is a stressful time for you, which is why we want to go above and beyond your expectations. We also guarantee your satisfaction with our work, and we won’t stop working hard until your vehicle looks as good as it did before the accident!

5 Great Reasons to Choose Our CarrXpert Bodyshop Service:

  • The CarrXpert bodyshop service network is the largest in the province (over 400 members)
  • CarrXpert bodyshop service repairs your vehicle using a maximum of genuine Honda parts
  • CarrXpert auto body service is committed to observing a strict code of professional ethics to ensure quality customer service, public safety and customers' rights
  • CarrXpert bodyshop service has a towing service that is available 24 hours around the clock all across the province
  • CarrXpert auto body service repairs your vehicle according to the manufacturer's standards, and all repairs are guaranteed for life.
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