The Honda Civic had a great start to the year! After having been completely redesigned last year, the Honda Civic confirmed its place at the top of the sales charts in Canada by continuing to be the best selling car in the country for a 24th consecutive year. The news came earlier this year when Honda reported 43,556 units of the Honda Civic were sold in 2021.

“We are extremely pleased and humbled by how Canadians continue to embrace the Civic,” says Steve Hui, Assistant Vice President at Honda Canada. “Almost everyone has a Civic story to tell. As a vehicle that appeals to a wide variety of lifestyles, from those looking for their first car, as a people mover and grocery getter for growing families, to tuner and automotive enthusiasts, the Civic is a safe, affordable, fun and reliable car that caters to many needs. The all-new 2022 Civic Sedan and Si are built in Canada which is something Honda, and our talented Canadian manufacturing associates, are extremely proud of.”

The Honda Civic was introduced in Canada in 1973 and since then 2.25 million units have been sold to Canadian consumers. Holding the title of best selling car in the country for over two decades is certainly telling of the Civic’s quality, reliability, resale value, low ownership cost, and great blend of comfort and performance that have made the Civic the first choice for so many buyers.

North American Car of the Year

Not only was the Honda Civic once again the best selling car in the country, but it was also named North American Car of the Year earlier in January. This is a prestigious title that is handed out by a jury of 50 of the best automotive journalists in Canada and the US. It is a testament to the Honda Civic and the new generation that arrived last year.

Honda is no stranger to the North American Car of the Year award, having won it in 2018 with the Honda Accord, and having won with the Honda Civic twice before in 2016 and 2008.

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