After receiving the Best Buy award in its category by Kelley Blue Book, the Honda Accord makes waves once again by grabbing the 5-Year Cost to Own award, handed out every year by the same organization.

During testing of the Honda Accord by KBB’s staff, the sedan was praised for its ride quality and driving dynamics, its low fuel consumption and its Honda Sensing active safety feature suite, which comes standard.

However, to establish the 5-Year Cost to Own Awards, or the lowest overall cost after five years of ownership, Kelley Blue Book calculates purchase price, insurance premiums, fuel consumption and resale value, or depreciation. The Honda Accord took the win in the midsize car category by boasting the lowest ownership costs thanks to its great fuel economy, its reputation of reliability and its high resale value.

It’s the second year in a row that the Honda Accord receives a 5-Year Cost to Own award in the midsize car category. And to deserve its Best Buy award, the Accord sedan charmed KBB’s testers with its design, its cabin comfort and its refined powertrains. “How good are the 2020 Honda Accord and Accord Hybrid sedans? If we could only recommend one car for most buyers, it would likely be one of the numerous Honda Accord models. As sedans go, the 2020 Honda Accord just gets everything right,” said KBB.

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