The approaching winter will bring with it its usual share of little joys and annoyances, especially icy roads that can be difficult to navigate safely.

That's why the 2022 Honda HR-V with all-wheel drive is a perfect winter vehicle.

The safety of All-Wheel Drive.

 Honda's Real Time AWD system allows the 2022 HR-V to enjoy both fuel efficiency and excellent stability on wet or icy surfaces. To do this, the system sends all power to the front wheels when driving at steady speeds on dry roads, which saves fuel, but as soon as a sensor detects that a wheel is slipping, a hydraulic coupling is engaged to distribute up to 40% of the engine's torque to the rear wheels. Also, the system can vary the amount of torque it sends to the rear depending on the situation, allowing it to apply between 25 and 40 percent of engine torque to the rear axle when starting from a stop, which prevents the drive wheels from spinning and gives the driver a more dynamic feel during acceleration.

Frugal at the pump

Because it has an on-demand system, the 2022 HR-V with all-wheel drive doesn't suffer a big fuel economy penalty compared to the front-wheel drive model, as is often the case. In fact, the 2022 HR-V with all-wheel drive has fuel economy ratings of 8.8L/100km city, 7.5L/100km highway and 8.2L/100km combined.

An affordable system

Real Time AWD is standard on all versions of the HR-V for 2022, except for the entry-level LX model, where it is available for an additional $2,300. This makes the HR-V safe and capable when the going gets rough, and allows you to hit the road with confidence all winter long.

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