Every year, the U.S. firm Kelley Blue Book publishes its automotive awards in several categories, including the all-important resale value awards. This time around, it’s the 2020 Honda Odyssey that picks up the win in the minivan segment.

Specialized in elaborating automotive resale values, KBB established that the Odyssey will retain 39.4% of its original purchase price after five years on the market. The publication states that the minivan shines for its versatile and spacious interior, its fun-to-drive factor and its ride comfort. In addition, the 2020 Honda Odyssey is seen as very safe, thanks to its Honda Sensing suite that includes adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking and lane keep assist.

Lastly, KBB points out the minivan’s enviable reputation for reliability, which greatly influences a vehicle’s resale value. “Simply put, this Honda van shines in all areas. As a family hauler, the well-built Odyssey seats up to eight people in a 2-3-3 configuration, and it’s roomy enough to accommodate actual adults inside, not just kids,” said Kelley Blue Book.

The Honda Odyssey has been awarded the best resale value title in its category for the past three years, and for the fifth time in the last six years. This time, it surpassed the second-place Toyota Sienna (with 36.7% of its initial value after five years) and the third-place Kia Sedona (36.0%).

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