Whether you want a practical ride, a high-tech marvel or a green machine, you can get your wish with the affordable 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid. The combination of a frugal engine and a smart electric motor make this car both capable and extremely efficient. 

Great power and efficiency in the 2018 Honda Clarity in Hull, Quebec 

This car can drive up to 76 kilometres on its electric power. You can plug in overnight to a standard connector and be ready the next morning. A 240-outlet can get you ready in 2.5 hours. When you are on the road, you get guidance on how to make the most of your electric miles. Brake regeneration helps add power to the hybrid battery. 

When the engine takes over, the car remains extremely efficient. The powertrain earns 5.6 L/100KM in combined city/highway driving. If you include the electric miles, it is like earning 2.1Le/100 km. 

The electric motor alone generates 181 horsepower, and the engine alone generates 103 horsepower. If you combine the two, you get a rate of 212 horsepower. The electric motor provides most of the torque, a rate of 232 lb-ft! It’s no wonder that this car responds like a champ when you hit the accelerator. 

Honda technology helps the driver stay out of harm's way by providing exclusive road departure mitigation. This system can reduce speed and help steer to bring the car back onto the road. With a similar steering assist, the lane keeper works to maintain the right trajectory. An automatic braking system is ready if a forward collision warning goes unheeded. 

Taking Care of You and Your Passengers in Hull, Quebec

The Clarity seats five in a sedan-style cabin with significant room at every position. It has ample trunk space for your luggage. Every model has heated front seats, and the Touring edition upgrades to leather upholstery. An acoustic windshield and active noise control provide a more upscale, quiet ride. Standard dual-zone climate controls regulate the heat, and rear vents provide heating to your backseat passengers. 

Dash tech keeps you entertained and keeps the driver well-informed. One screen provides access to Bluetooth audio streaming and related apps. The other shows you car-related information. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you'll have access to dozens of smartphone-specific apps, and you can utilise your phone's voice-control system. 

The 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-in is waiting for your test drive at Lallier Hull Honda. 

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