For some of you, towing holds no secrets. For others, however, it represents an unknown universe. If you're planning to tow your Honda this summer, here are a few tips to guide you.

1 - A Towing Package

Pulling loads of 2000, 3000 or 5000 pounds is demanding on your vehicle. In fact, its cooling system is not designed for that. So, if you're going to put it to work, make sure it's equipped with the towing package offered by Honda. In addition to providing everything you need to tie down your vehicle, Honda will keep your engine cool for optimum performance.

2 - Compliance with the rules

Your Honda vehicle has maximum towing capacity. Let us situate it at 5000 pounds for the purpose of our example. If the trailer weighs exactly that much, know that you are playing with fire, because the total load will certainly be higher. Indeed, you must consider what you are transporting as well. Refer to the owner's manual to find out what is recommended for your vehicle.

3 - Kingpin weight

When you place your trailer on the hitch system, you automatically transfer a weight there. Depending on the type of trailer, the recommended percentage may vary. For example, it may be 5% to 10% for a boat and 8% to 15% for any other type of trailer. Again, your owner's manual will tell you all about this.

4 - The vagaries of driving

To continue in the same vein, too much weight on the kingpin will reduce the traction of your wheels at the front, thus reducing grip and steering response. This can clearly represent a danger on the road. Conversely, if too much weight rests on the kingpin, your hitch will be unstable and difficult to control. Consequently, once everything is secured, why not take a little tour with the trailer to see if everything is well distributed and safe before hitting the road with the family?

5 - The brakes?

It goes without saying that it is essential that your vehicle's brakes are in good condition before towing, because you will use them like never before. If they were due, it will be imperative to have them replaced before taking the road on vacation. Also, be aware that your trailer must have brakes if its weight, including load, is 2860 pounds (1300 kg). The same applies if this mass exceeds half of the net mass of your vehicle.

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