The Honda Civic and the Hyundai Elantra are two of the most popular cars among Quebec consumers. It's only natural that we compare them to see which one offers more to buyers.

This comparison might seem a bit lame, since it puts together a car that is at the end of its career, the Civic, with another one that has just been renewed, the Elantra. One might think that the match is uneven, as novelty is often a guarantee of success in the automotive industry.

Except that the exception proves the rule here. Despite the fact that the Civic has come to the end of its road, it is still dominant, which says a lot about its qualities.

Here are a few points of comparison that speak for themselves.

Residual value

When buying or leasing a vehicle, we're always interested in the monthly payment we're offered, but this is often linked to the vehicle's residual value. The higher the residual value, the lower the monthly payment. And the more a vehicle retains its value, the more attractive its resale price will be when you decide to get rid of it.

While the Elantra's value has increased over the years, it's unfortunately not up to the level of the Civic, which is a benchmark in this area. Consequently, for the best deal financially, you have to turn to the Honda model.

The best-selling car

In fact, that's what people have been doing for 23 years in this country. The Civic is the sedan that has been outselling all of its competitors for over two decades now. That's the best possible indication of where the best deal is. So many people can't go wrong over such a long period of time.

More reliable

Here, despite Hyundai's best efforts, which have seen the reliability rating of its models grow over the decades, the company simply doesn't have the tools to be able to compete with Honda's track record. The Civic is a model of durability and longevity, and for those who truly want a model that will give them complete peace of mind in this regard, there is no better choice.

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