Every year for the past 14 years, the Canadian Black Book (CBB), an organization that measures the resale value of vehicles on the market, has awarded its prizes to the models that do best in the market. The focus is on products that are four years old, in this case 2017 creations.

The top performing brands are also recognized for their body of work. Once again this year, Honda was greatly honored by the CBB. Here's how.

First of all, let's mention the award given to the company in the car category. Honda has the most valuable fleet of cars over the past four years.

On an individual note, five models were judged the best in their respective niches; the Fit for subcompacts, the HR-V for subcompact SUVs, the CR-V for compact SUVs, the Accord for mid-size sedans, and the Odyssey for the minivan category. 

For the latter, it's the 8th such honor in 10 years. In the case of the CR-V, we're talking about a new winner for this year.

As for the Civic, it finished second in the compact car category, while the Ridgeline pickup truck took third place in its category, the mid-size truck.

The proof is in the pudding once again, you win when you buy a Honda product. In fact, no matter which model you choose, it's going to be worth a lot of money in four years, it seems obvious.

And with the value of used vehicles having increased over the past two years (52% to 61.5% residual value for four-year old models), you'll be doubly so.

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