Honda has given us our first glimpse of the all-new Prologue Electrified SUV, which is set to launch in 2024. The Prologue is Honda's first full-electric SUV, and it's a major part of the company's electrification strategy. With its clean design and neo-rugged styling, the Prologue is sure to turn heads. Let's take a closer look at what this all-new SUV has to offer.

The Design

One of the first things you'll notice about the Prologue is its stylish design. The Colour, Materials and Finish team did an excellent job of creating a clean harmony between the colours and materials, resulting in a rugged SUV look that is both familiar and uniquely Honda.

“Designing the first volume Honda electric vehicle gave us more freedom than a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, and we can stretch our imagination, especially in styling the front-end,” said Sang-Hyuk Ahn, a four-year exterior designer at Honda. “We envisioned Prologue with a longer wheelbase, shorter overhang, and capable tires to create sporty proportions and a stronger stance.”

The Interior

The interior of the Prologue is just as impressive as the exterior. The inside of the SUV is also quite spacious, making it easy to store everything you need for your next adventure and offer room for all the passengers. How spacious, you ask? According to Honda, the electrified SUV will have more than 2,900 litres of interior volume.

The Road to Electrification

2024 will mark the beginning of Honda's journey to 2030, and the introduction of 30 new EVs globally. In North America, the first phase will begin with the sale of the Honda Prologue. The second phase, which begins in 2026, will see the introduction of Honda models based on the new Honda e:Architecture. This platform was developed specifically for EVs and will serve as the foundation for a wide range of new Honda models. Finally, in 2027, Honda will begin production and sales of a new series of affordable EVs. With these three phases in mind, Honda is targeting sales of around 500,000 EVs in North America by 2030.

Honda has given us a sneak peek at the all-new Prologue Electrified SUV, and we are impressed! This stylish SUV has everything you need for your next adventure, from a tech-rich cabin to a spacious cargo area. With its clean design and neo-rugged styling, the Prologue is sure to turn heads. We can't wait to see more of this all-new SUV when it launches in 2024!