The Honda Ridgeline is back in 2023 to satisfy your need for a versatile vehicle. Mostly unchanged since its introduction last year, the Ridgeline still manages to earn a spot on this year’s list of best mid-size pickups.

Learn more about the Ridgeline, its engine, towing capacity, interior and prices.

2023 Honda Ridgeline Powertrain and Performance

The Honda Ridgeline truck is equipped with a 3.5L V6 engine. Thanks to this engine, it is capable of:

  • 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque
  • Fuel consumption of up to 9.9 L per 100 km on the highway and 12.8 L per 100 km in the city; for a combined city/highway consumption of 11.5 L.

Considering the transmission, it is a 9-speed automatic with an intelligent all-wheel drive system that adapts to snow, sand and mud to give you the best possible experience, regardless of the terrain.

The Ridgeline is versatile, offering a good combination of horsepower and torque, while proposing fairly good fuel economy for its class.

red 2023 honda ridgeline pick-up truck with snowy mountains in outaouais

Honda Ridgeline Towing Capacity and Payload

Since all versions share the same available engine, the Ridgeline’s towing capacity does not vary by version.

All Honda Ridgelines, if equipped with the optional towing accessory package, are capable of towing up to 5,000 pounds.

In addition, the 2023 Ridgeline can carry up to 1,530 pounds of payload for all your daily and not so daily needs in its 5-foot 4-inch bed.

Underneath the floor of the body, the Ridgeline is equipped with a waterproof compartment that can safely store up to 207L of gear. This compartment also has a cap to drain liquids, if you plan on using it as a cooler on those hot summer days.

interior of the 2023 honda ridgeline pick-up truck at hull

Inside the 2023 Honda Ridgeline

Inside the cabin, we find the majority of the differences between the four versions of the Ridgeline that are available for sale on the Canadian market.

Already, in the Honda Ridgeline Sport version, the base model, we find several Honda Ridgeline accessories and equipment, such as:

  • An 8-inch central screen
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration
  • A 4.2-inch digital instrument panel
  • A 7-speaker stereo system, etc.

Starting with the Honda Ridgeline EX-L, SiriusXM integration is added, as well as perforated leather trim for the seats.

The Honda Ridgeline Touring and Black Edition substitute the standard stereo system with an 8-speaker system, which includes a subwoofer. Ventilation is also added for the front seats.

Finally, the ultimate version of the 2023 Ridgeline, the Black Edition, adds exclusive “Black Edition” seat stitching and floor mats, as well as red ambient lighting at the feet level, door pockets and cup holders.

Indeed, the Honda Ridgeline Black Edition is mainly for fans of the vehicle’s dark aesthetic, which also includes black aluminum wheel rims, and the on-board technologies are identical to those of the Touring.

interior dashboard of the 2023 honda ridgeline pick-up truck at hull

2023 Honda Ridgeline Price and Specifications

With a reliable engine and very interesting capabilities when compared to the rest of the class, it is not surprising that MotorTrend, in its Honda Ridgeline reviews described it by saying:

“The Honda Ridgeline is all the truck most people actually need.”  [1]


Indeed, most will find exactly what they need in the Ridgeline, which is a midsize pickup that fills the versatile role of its class.

Honda has put a lot of emphasis on providing you with a vehicle that performs well in all aspects of driving and utility that you would expect from a pickup truck.

For the 2023 Honda Ridgeline prices, as suggested by Honda Canada, here is a preview, along with a short summary of its specifications:





Black Edition 

Price (MSRP)






3.5 L V6

Power / Torque

280 hp / 262 lb-ft


9-speed automatic transmission,
all-wheel drive

Towing Capacity

5,000 lb

Fuel consumption
(City / Highway / Combined)
(L/100 km)

12.8 / 9.9 / 11.5

Stereo system


8 speakers + subwoofer


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