The Honda Civic and Mazda3 are great rivals. Each has its strengths, that's for sure. However, when you list the strengths and weaknesses of both models, you'll find that the Civic's advantages give it an edge. The Honda Civic has been the best car in Canada for 24 years now, and this level of success is no coincidence. Let's take a closer look.

Here are three examples of how the 2023 Honda Civic has the edge over the 2023 Mazda3.

Number of versions

The Mazda3 offers consumers plenty of choices, including three engines and two body styles, the sedan and the hatchback. It is, however, eclipsed by the Honda Civic, which offers four different powertrain configurations, as well as the same two body styles as the Mazda.

Where the difference is marked is that Honda markets two performance versions of its Civic: the Si and the Type R. In the first case, we get interesting performance, but above all, a vehicle that offers more incisive road handling. In the second, it offers extreme performance and constant driving pleasure.  

Mazda offers a turbo engine with the Mazda3, but the versions that benefit from it don't offer a sportier ride.

The choice is really richer with Honda.

The hatchback

A model that offers a fifth door in the back, coupled with a more generous cargo space, is always interesting for those looking for versatility. Both are well served, but besides the fact that space is more generous in the 2023 Honda Civic, the Civic also offers a larger rear seat in its hatchback and much better versatility.

The interior

As we sat behind the wheel of both models, one thing struck us: the quality of the presentation on board the new Honda Civic. It's pretty in the Mazda, but it's simple. Honda designed the interior of the new Civic to make the experience driver-centric. In addition, the multimedia system has been redesigned to be more user-friendly. Mazda's next-generation multimedia interface is complex and anything but easy to navigate.

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