In every vehicle category across the industry, there is a model that stands above the rest. In the compact car segment, the one that does is a household name, having dominated sales in this country for 24 years. The Honda Civic is truly at the top of its game.

So much so that all its rivals, no matter how hard they try, can't dislodge it. That's the case with the Mazda3, which, despite its qualities, remains behind in the hearts of most buyers.

Let's take a look at what makes the difference between the two models.

The driving experience

In the past, when it came to identifying the most fun-to-drive compact car, everyone turned to the Mazda3. It was dominant and far ahead of its rivals. Honda took notes and worked to make its model more interesting, and with the generation that appeared for 2016, we were treated to an accomplished product in this regard. With the new version, we are entitled to a new reference in the category. The Honda Civic has become the most enjoyable car to drive in the compact class. The Mazda3 hasn't lost anything; it's simply been overtaken by the Civic.


A few years ago, Mazda added a little more oomph to its 3 by installing its 2.5-liter turbo 4-cylinder engine under the hood. With 250 horsepower, it brings the model to life. However, nothing was done for sportiness, for example with a more biting chassis. So it's good, fun, but not exceptional.

If we move to the Honda side, we discover two performance variants; Si and Type R. The first one is less powerful, but more pleasant to drive than the Mazda3 turbo. As for the Type R, it's in a class of its own with a chassis tuned for the track, as well as a 315 horsepower cavalry.

The environment

Driving and performance are great, but what about the day-to-day life in either model? Well, it's simple; while you have a great time in a Mazda3, you'll find yourself content at all times in a Civic. Why? Because everything is more user-friendly. From the ergonomics to the driving position, the ease of use of the multimedia system and the rear visibility in the 5-door version, you can see something with the Civic, but not with the Mazda3.

And we could go on and on with such comparisons. In short, the Civic is at the top of its game. Come by the dealership to see just how good it is.

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