Ever since the 11th generation Civic was introduced in the summer of 2021, there has been a great deal of anticipation for the ultimate version of the model, the Type R variant. The latter will make its debut this fall and the anticipation is very high.

Fortunately, Honda has shared a few images and information about its model, so we have a little bit of material to get our teeth into before the model's more official debut.

The following points should help us wait.

The base

We can all see that the 2023 Civic Type R carries a new design, but before we take a look at it, let's look at what's behind it.

First of all, Honda has stiffened the body and made it lighter. The company promises better high-speed stability, which is reinforced by a better balance of aerodynamic forces, as well as a reduced drag coefficient.

The suspension has also been revised for greater efficiency, as has the steering, which promises to be even more precise and responsive.

Then there are those improvements to the engine and the six-speed manual transmission. In the latter case, we're talking about better responsiveness. As for the 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, Honda hasn't announced its power yet, but it promises gains on that front, along with quicker response.

We're already salivating.


The 2013 Civic Type R will be easy with its unique styling carrying a more aggressive snout and rear designs, fruits of new bumpers, spoiler and diffuser. The model is closer to the ground for a lowered center of gravity. It is also wider for better stability, which will also be accentuated by the presence of wider tires. Even the rear doors are wider, which adds a unique touch to the vehicle.

In fact, the 2023 Type R looks fast, even when standing still!

Finally, inside, we'll find ourselves in familiar territory. Of course, we'll be enjoying the Civic's new interior design. The latter, which focuses on the driver's position and its environment, will not lack richness. Red will be dominant, as is the tradition with the Type R. The seats will still be covered in suede to give the driver a better grip when pushing the machine. The rider will be able to receive more information on his driving with the +R model, as well as time his lap times and share videos of his exploits with other features offered by the model. This Type R is really designed for driving.

In fact, part of its development took place at the Nürburgring racetrack in Germany. It also set a record for a front-wheel-drive production model at the Suzuka track in Japan, where Formula 1 racing takes place.

The 2023 Civic Type R is scheduled to arrive in the fall. We'll know its price at that time.

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