What do you need in a mid-size utility vehicle with three rows of seating? Space, of course, for the occupants and all. A frugal model, of course, because gas isn't cheap. Then, a product capable of going off the beaten path a bit, just to add some spice to family trips.

Considering these elements, which SUV offers you more between the 2022 Honda Pilot and the 2022 Hyundai Palisade? You'd think the newer of the two, the Hyundai representative, might offer more, but that's not the case; the Honda Pilot is still a few steps ahead of its rivals.

Here's some evidence.

A more engaging ride

Both SUVs offer a superb level of comfort, coupled with excellent soundproofing. However, for a feeling where you really feel like you're in control of the vehicle, you have to turn to the Pilot. The Palisade is very neutral and doesn't deliver any pleasure to the person behind the wheel. On the contrary, you enjoy guiding the Pilot.


Get used to this new name from Honda. This year, the Pilot TrailSport is the version to choose if you like to venture off the beaten path on occasion. This version features an upgraded suspension, 0.6 inches more ground clearance, and 18-inch tires that are designed for those impromptu detours where pavement is lacking. The model also offers dynamic and different aesthetic traits.

This approach is not found at Hyundai.

Plenty of space

Once inside, the quality is good on both sides. However, you can breathe easier in the Pilot, which offers a much more spacious environment. This is particularly noticeable when you put the second and third row seats down. Honda's 3087 liters of space is available there, while the Palisade's is only 2447 liters. Even behind the second row, the difference is noticeable; 1583 liters for the Pilot, 1297 for the Palisade. Even behind the third row, the Pilot has a small advantage; 524 versus 510 liters.

Then add two other realities that are not to be overlooked. The Honda Pilot is a more reliable model, as well as an SUV that consumes slightly less fuel than the Palisade (0.3 liters per 100 km less on the highway). And that's not counting the higher resale value of the Honda.

In short, one thing is clear: the Pilot is still a more complete vehicle than the new Hyundai Palisada.

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