The Honda Civic enters its 10th generation with style updates technology upgrades. Competitors, such as the 2020 Mazda3, go far to try and match the quality and success of the Civic, but they just don’t match in several areas. The Civic’s value offerings, safety features, available room, and more help it dominate the competition. 

The 2020 Honda Civic offers more choices

Compact car buyers like to have choices. The 2020 Honda Civic offers six well-equipped trims that do a great job of presenting the right combinations of features that suit more tastes. The Mazda3 only offers three trims in 2020 and forces customers to buy more expensive options packages instead of receiving important features as standard equipment. The lowest-priced Civic is less expensive than a base Mazda3.

Room is important, and the 2020 Honda Civic has more

Although both vehicles fit five people, the 2020 Honda Civic beats the Mazda 3 in a few key dimensional areas. The Civic offers all occupants greater shoulder and rear legroom than the Mazda3. When you need to ensure everyone’s comfort during long trips, this is an important feature. However, the greatest surprise comes in available cargo space. The Civic’s 428 litres of capacity far exceeds the 345 litres available in the Mazda3. You can trust that the Civic will carry more of what you need for life’s important events. 

When connectivity is important, the Honda Civic edges out the Mazda3. Most models feature Wi-Fi tethering, allowing you and your passengers a better personal media experience. If your Civic carries children, this will open more entertainment options with their devices. That’s important for long journeys. Gaming capabilities also receive a boost with the tethering feature. 

More Honda Civic models offer equipment that make winter driving comfortable. Five models in the Civic line offer heated front seats, whereas the Mazda3 offers the feature in only two. If you want heated rear seats, they can’t be found in the Mazda, but two Civic models offer them.

When it comes to safety, the CIvic rises to the occasion with a long list of active and passive safety technologies that are standard on all six models. The Mazda3 barely makes any active safety technologies available in their base model, whereas the Civic provides a full line. 

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